American Diabetes Association Northern IL Camps

The Camp Application & Confirmation Process

Posted on: March 12, 2012

Steps to apply online:

1.     Visit your specific camps website

2.     Review the website for updates, then click on “Register for Camp”

3.     Sign in using the same user name and password as last year, or complete a new registration (if you use the same user name as last year your profile information/demographic information should be saved and you will only need to update this if needed, all other camper medical information will need to be resubmitted).  Complete all the information in the online application (questions marked with a red star * are required, if it does not apply to your camper you must put N/A in the field in order to continue the application.)

4.     Once you have reached the payment screen you will know you have successfully completed all the necessary fields in the application.  You will have 2 options to pay the Non-Refundable Deposit (refund policy attached): Pay online with a Credit Card or Mail in a Check.  You will also be given an option to pay the entire balance right away if you desire, but this is not mandatory.*

5.     You will receive 2 emails upon submission of the application.  The 1st will be an automated response with your deposit confirmation.  The 2nd will come from your local office confirming receipt of the app and information reminding you to submit your supplemental forms.

6.     Complete the “Overnight” or “Day” camp supplemental forms.  These forms require original signatures, so must be completed and mailed into the local office.  Your application will not be considered complete until we receive these forms.  Only complete online applications with supplemental forms are given to our volunteer medical staff for review.

7.     After medical review if there is no further information needed, it will be decided if we have enough volunteer medical staff to confirm campers for camp.  If there are not, some campers may be placed on a waiting list until we secure more volunteer medical staff.  We will not confirm campers until we are sure we have at least 1 volunteer medical staff for every 10 campers in camp to be medically safe.  You will be notified if your child is put on this wait list and when we are able to confirm additional campers.

8.     Your child is not confirmed for camp until you receive our official “Confirmation” packet in the mail. 

 * Only the deposit is due at the time of registration.  The remaining balance will be due upon confirmation for camp and all final payments received at least 3 weeks before the start of camp.  Payment plans are available.  If you are unable to pay the deposit, your paperwork must be accompanied by a Financial Assistance form or documentation that a payment will be made by a Third Party.  ADA’s Financial Assistance/Scholarships are based on income level and use a sliding scale.  You will receive your financial aid status ASAP and we will let you know before your child is confirmed for camp if a remaining balance is due.  At that time, if you are asked to pay a balance and are unable to, you will not be penalized, please contact us ASAP so your child’s application can be removed from the list and we can confirm another child in their place.


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